Accommodation Of the Uzhhorod National University

The most challenging task for a foreign students coming to Ukraine for higher studies is to find a safe and homely accommodation at a budget friendly price. At the Uzhhorod National University, we are very aware of student’s requirements because we realize that it is very important for you to maintain the balance between your educational priorities and life style.

Uzhhorod national medical university is well designed and has advanced infrastructure which helps students in enriching their experience at the college. Staying at in-house accommodations available inside the campus provides them with the ease to balance their college life. The number of benefits of living in the convenience of living on or near campus is more than enough, here you will get access to programs and services easily & without any hassle which will help you do extremely well academically, you will get the opportunity to build lasting friendships, affordable & standard living and above all you will have the life of a University. Whole University and the routes from the hostels to the educational buildings are well-protected and actively patrolled (day & night) by the officers of guard service. With five halls of residence and many private apartment options available, our halls are facilitated with the best & advanced infrastructures. Owing to all these factors, UZNU accommodation facility has been voted as the “Best in the Ukraine” in the 2012 Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey and we have recently been named the “Best Student Housing” at the 2013 College and University Business Officers (CUBO) awards. Some of the key features of our hostel facilities are:

  • Our university has very high-quality hostel system with completely furnished rooms.
  • An excellent study environment and surrounded with amusement center.
  • The University has total 5 hostels and spread over in the area of 28431 sq. which is able to accommodate 2500 students including international students, student’s families, graduate students, interns.
  • Internet facility is provided into each & every rooms of hostels. (Wi-Fi & Broadband).
  • All hostel rooms vary in size and number of conveniences. Dormitory rooms at hostel are well furnished and can easily accommodate 2 or 3 students to a room.
  • All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, desks, chairs, cupboards, heating, water systems and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation..
  • Every section has one common kitchen & wash room too..
  • Our Campus also cooperates with the deans and university institutes, which helps in keeping a close eye on the behavior of students.
  • Campus has student clinics, student shops and cafes, playgrounds.
  • When the students arrive on campus, specific accommodations for every student are assigned and after a satisfactory health report the student will be accommodated to the room which is allotted to him/her.

But all these would be in vain if they don’t come at a reasonable and economic budget. To aid foreign nationals and to suit their budget, we have different options to choose from as per their budget.


Uzhhorod National University is one of the leading universities in Ukraine. It has a rich history of more than six decades, in the field of medical education across the globe. Its holds its inception in the year 1945 and since then there was no looking back. Known for its quality education and practical exposure towards the latest development in the field of medical science, the university is a dream destination for medical aspirants in Ukraine and abroad.Located in Carpathian,one of the most beautiful and scenic location of Ukraine the University is a place where nature has bestowed its beauty in abundance.
Uzhhorod National University holds the 4th level accreditation and its courses and curriculum are as per the European standards of Education. Global organizations like WHO, UNESCO and other medical agencies has recognized its educational degrees which make it one of the most sought after medical college among students.

Pre Medical (preparatory) courses are considered as the first step towards the medical education.
At Uzhhorod National University, this course is designed for those students who have
successfully completed their matriculation irrespective of the education system of the country, student belongs to. These courses are recognized and approved by Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Education. The duration of the course is one year and its successful completion provides students a much required base for their higher medical degree courses.
To make it easier for the foreign students, these courses are conducted in English as well as Russian language, making Uzhhorod Medical University a true international education hub for students. Students can opt for General Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Introduction to Anatomy and Computer Science as their major for Pre-Medical Courses. These courses are designed to enable students to gear up for their degree level courses and also make them well versed with the language, methodology and education system in Ukraine

General Medicine is one of the most popular courses among medical students. At Uzhhorod Medical College, the duration of General Medicine course is 6 years after which the students are awarded with an MD (Doctor of Medicine)/MBBS degree by the university. Owing to recent development in the field of healthcare and internal medicine, there is an increasing demand of this course among students and every year thousands of students are enrolling at Uzhhorod National University for general medicine courses.
The medium of education is English as well as Russian so that foreign students can have equal opportunity when it comes to learning and understanding of the course. Our faculties in General medicine are experts and tenured medical practitioners, who are known for their clinical training and research programs.

Dentistry is recognized as a primary healthcare profession, which is challenging as well as rewarding too. The Uzhhorod National University offers 5 years dental program for students who have completed their intermediate school education with good grades.
Faculty of Dentistry at Uzhgorod National University has following departments:
 Dental Surgery
 Maxillofacial Surgery and Oncologic Dentistry
 Prosthetic Dentistry
 Therapeutic Dentistry
 Pediatric Dentistry
Department of post graduation education in dentistry was formed in 2012 by adjoining the department of Dentistry and department of Dentistry of Maxillofacial Surgery from Institute of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training.
For international students, language is no more a concern there is an opportunity to study dentistry in Ukraine in English also. The degrees offered by Uzhhorod National University are recognized and more valuable. UzhNU also arranges conferences and seminars on a regular basis conducted by the best Ukraine's lecturers to enable the effective learning among students.
Students from across the world come to study dentistry in Ukraine to have  a successful career ahead.

The pharmacy course at Uzhhorod National University is of 5 years. It is the study of preparation of medicine and dispensing them. The mode of teaching is more focused on lab training and clinical tests so that students can get the maximum understanding of their course. Uzhhorod National University also provides practical training to its students in various renowned laboratories and clinics. The course is designed meticulously so that after the completion of the degree, the student is well equipped to perform in various scenarios  pertaining to prescriptions,
drugs, medications, clinical practices and so on.
The college has a provision of internship in various foreign laboratories and clinics to provide its scholars the practical exposure in the field of pharmacy.

Nursing is one of the most sought after courses at Uzhhorod National Medical University. It provides the best training in the arena of nursing and patient care. For the students who want to pursue this option of medical education, there are different fields they can choose from the specializations such as adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing, disabilities nursing etc. Acute care, critical care and outpatient care etc. are thoroughly taught areas here. Our graduates are highly qualified for critical situations and fully equipped to deal with them.
Proper guidance is provided to our students from our faculty and proper nursing training is also provided to them so that they are able to take up any challenges in the real world. The graduates acquire the diploma in nursing after the completion of the program.
Following courses are offered under Nursing-
 ADN – Junior Specialist Program: 2 year program ( Advanced Diploma in Nursing)
 BSN – Bachelor Degree Program: 4 year program ( Bachelors of Science in Nursing)
 MSN – Master Degree Program: 2 year program ( Masters of Science in Nursing)

Uzhhorod National Medical University offers post graduate medical courses to its students.
These courses provide higher degree of learning and education to the seeker as well as postgraduate training is also imparted. The said higher education can be availed through Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Masters Degrees or Professional Doctorates at uzhnu.
The post graduate courses offered at Uzhhorod National Medical University can be studied in more than 30 specializations such as Bacteriology, Gastroenterology, all branches of Pediatric methodology, Epidemiology, Public Hygiene, Neurology, Medical Psychology, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Dentistry, all branches of Forensics, Sanology, Toxicology, Dermatology,

Ophthalmology and many others. Advanced training in post- post graduate programs in medicine is also provided here.
We conduct our courses in English as well as Russian mediums and the said courses are approved by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The duration of these courses ranges from 2 to 3 years.

Annual Fees Structure 2020-2021 Academic Year

Money should not debar meritorious students from pursuing their dreams of getting admission into the top medical universities in Ukraine. To attract the best talents across the globe and to make it affordable for the masses, the University has maintained a very student friendly fee structure as compared to other colleges. Uzhnu's fee structure for Medical courses is unmatched just like its education quality. UzhNU has the lowest fee structure of the popular medical courses
like General Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and others.
NOTICE: FROM UZHNU for session 2020-2021:

1.  First semester – last date to pay tuition fee 1st October 2020
2.  Second semester – last date to pay tuition fee 15th February 2021
3.  Tuition fee will be paid only for one semester or full year

4.  Passports and immigration cards has to be submitted before 10th of September 2020 with the full payment of health insurance and registration fee.

5.  Classes will be starting from the 1st of September 2020

6.  Students till 3rd year not be allowed to stay in flats.

Uzhhorod National Medical University is the institution that provides quality education to its students at lowest ever fees. One of the most salient features of the university is the direct admission in MBBS i.e. you can get without any entrance test. MBBS/MD Admission is open for Medical Colleges, Universities in Ukraine. Study abroad in best medical school at very nominal rates and great environment with infrastructure to match. uzhnu is one of the cheapest universities in Ukraine for international students. Admission requirements for medical schools
examinations in uzhnu are very few and the admission process is easy to follow and hassle free.
Following are the documents required for admission:-
 Completed Application Form;
 Original and a copy of Education Certificate;
 Original and a copy of the document which contains the information about its
performance in academic subjects;
 A copy of Birth Certificate;
 Medical Health Certificate certified by the official Health Protection authority of a
country of an applicant's legal residence and issued no later than 2 months before the date of leaving to Ukraine;
 A copy of the passport of the foreigner or the document certifying the person stateless;
 Valid Medical Insurance Policy (except for international students who came from
countries with which the agreements on providing free emergency medical aid have been signed);
 6 color photos (size 6×4 cm);
 A copy of Certificate of Foreign Ukrainian (if available).

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