Karan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University Invites You for Study!

Kazan State Medical University dates back to 1814, when a medical faculty was opened in the Kazan Emperor University. In 1930, this faculty was renamed as Kazan Medical Institute. Again in 1994, it received the status of the Kazan State Medical University. As the name suggests, the university is located in the city of Kazan, which is also home to many renowned institutes that impart education in different streams. There are eight faculties in this institute and 64 departments that impart quality education in medical sciences. This institute provides undergraduate course, postgraduate courses and doctoral degree in medical sciences.
The city of Kazan is cheaper in respect to the nearing cities and speciality to St. Petersburg. Fee for undergraduate courses ranges in between US$ 3500 to US $ 4500 per year.The hostel fee is approximately US$ 300 per annum, and they also have to pay a medical insurance of US$100 per year.For international students, university arranges special accommodation that suits the international standards. These hostels are safe and are guarded all through the day by security personnel. The rooms are centrally heated, and the cleanliness is looked after by the staff of the hostel. They can also avail to different sports and fitness facilities in the campus. Students can celebrate different Indian festivals within the campus. Indian students can also opt for part time job while pursuing the course as the government of the country permits the same.

Recognisation of the Course

The MD degree awarded to students on completion of the undergraduate course is recognized by the World Health Organization and can be spotted in the World Directory of Medical Schools. It is also recognized by the Medical council of India.This degree is equivalent to the MBBS degree awarded by the Indian medical colleges upon the completion of the similar course.Students with this degree from this college are permitted to appear for the screening test conducted by the MCI. The courses are offered both in English and Russian. Fee structure, duration of a course depends on the medium of instruction of course that students choose.For studying in Russian, they have to pursue separate courses in the language.

Duration of the Course

Duration of the undergraduate course in general medicine, paediatrics tales six years, whereas that of the dentistry takes five years to complete. Postgraduate courses take almost two years to complete whereas the doctoral degree takes three to four years to complete, depending on the specialization that students opt for. Assessment and evaluation of students is based on the grading system. It is done in the scale of 1 to 5, where 5 denote the bestand 1 denotesfailure. The academic year begins in the first week of September each year, andit comprises of two semesters with a long vacation of two months.
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