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Learning more about yourself is perhaps the most important part of your decision to travel to the U.S. Once you know what you want to achieve, then you can identify the right place to study and live and grow in the States. The United States is a very diverse country and there is a lot to see and enjoy while you are there, make connections and see if you can find places that are off the beaten path and learn more about the area that you reside in. Just get involved and do everything that you can. The independence and adventure associated with going to university is going to rub off on you.

Student life in the United States is an incredibly unique experience.
“Population: 325,719,178
Capital: Washington, D.C
Popular Cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston”

Living in the United States and study in usa

If you are planning to live and learn in the United States, you already possess a well-known American characteristic’a sense of adventure! As an international student, you will experience many new and exciting things.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to discuss exactly what “Living in the U.S.” means to everyone. American culture has been enriched by the values and belief systems of virtually every part of the world. From an international student’s perspective, that diversity is very valuable. If you choose to live in a completely different environment, you may be challenged with new situations every day; but if you decide to live in a part of the U.S. that resembles your home country in some ways, you may find comfort in those similarities.

Requirements for USA

To begin studying in the united states, there are a range of entry requirements you may have to meet. Requirements may vary depending on the level of education you want to study.

English language requirements

Applicants are required to provide results of an English language test (TOEFL). The English language skill level might defer from one institution to another or depending on the desired program.

Academic requirements

Undergraduate Admission Criteria For admission into bachelor-level programs, students must have completed a senior secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12), or the overseas equivalent. Also, as opposed to other countries that may focus on grades alone, universities in the United States take a more multi-faceted approach. Each university has its own admission standards, but they usually consist of the following items:
1. Grade point average (GPA) assessed on the country applicant awarded from.
2. Admission test scores, such as the SAT or the ACT.
3. A (Personal statement) about why you are considering requested University.
4. Courses taken during secondary school or during any prior tertiary education.

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