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Established in 1921, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) is perhaps the oldest universities of Ukraine, training doctors, dental specialists, attendants (nurse), and other medical experts. These days, it is the main Ukrainian University with broad clinical bases and solid scientific potential.

Poltava is a city located on the Vorskla River in central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Poltava Oblast (province), as well as the surrounding Poltava Raion (district) of the oblast. Poltava‘s estimated population is 296,760 (as of 2013).

Poltava has always been one of the most important science and education centres in Ukraine. Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy (abbreviated as UMSA) is a leading state higher education institution in training physicians and dentists. The academy started its activity in 1921 as the Odontologic faculty of the Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967 the institute was transferred to the city of Poltavaand renamed as the Poltava Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Institute, which in 1994 was granted the highest six accreditation level and the status of the PoltavaState Medical University. Its accreditation level IV was confirmed in 2004.

Academy Structure of Ukraine Medical Stomatological Academy

5 Faculties (comprising 53 Departments): Dental Faculty, Medical Faculty No. 1, Medical Faculty No 2 (Pediatrics), Faculty for Foreign Students, Postgraduate Faculty.

  1. 53 Departments.
  2. Medical college (Nurse training).
  3. Research Institute for Genetics and Immunological Foundations of Pathology and
  4. Offices of pre-university

The Academy trains specialists in Dentistry, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical Nursing, Prosthetic Dentistry and Pharmacy The Academy has more than 5.000 students. 1055 of them are from 46 countries of the world (including Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan, and others). The significant cultural diversity of students demonstrates the Academy’s global outlook and commitment to international expertise.

In accordance with the license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1352-l as of June 21, 2018), the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy conducts training of specialists in the following programs:
– Master:

  1. Dentistry (221, 5 year course)
  2. Medicine (222, 6 year course)
  3. Pediatrics (228, 6 year course)

– Specialist:

  1. 1. Dentistry (7.12010005, 5 year course)
  2. 2. General Medicine (7.12010001, 6 year course)
  3. 3. Pediatrics (7.12010002, 6 year course)

– Junior specialists:

  1.  Nursing (223, 3 year course – on the basis of complete secondary education, 4 year course – on the basis of basic general secondary education)
  2. Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy(226, full-time form – 2 year course, on the basis of complete secondary education; 3 year course – on the basis of basic general secondary education, distance – 3 year course on the basis of complete secondary education)

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy Provide :

  1. Preparatory training of Ukrainian citizens for admission to higher educational establishments.
  2. Preparatory training of foreign citizens for admission to higher educational establishments.
  3. Advanced training (specialization) in the basic fields (specialties).
  4. Training of specialists in clinical residency (postgraduate training of doctors).
  5. Training of foreign citizens and stateless persons in accredited areas (specialties): 221 Dentistry; 222 Medicine; 223 Nursing; 221 Dentistry (junior specialist); 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy.
  6. Training of foreign citizens in internship (primary postgraduate specialization).
  7. Training of foreign citizens in clinical residency.

Academic Staff:

  1. The Academy employs 92 Doctors of Sciences.
  2. 408 PhDs.
  3. 82 persons who have the academic rank of Professor.
  4. 226 persons who have the academic rank of Associate Professor.
  5. Among the scientific and pedagogical workers of the Academy there are 6 Laureates of the State Award.
  6. 10 Honored Doctors of Ukraine.
  7.  6 Honored Scientists and Technicians of Ukraine
  8. 1 Honored Worker of Public Health of Ukraine.
  9. 1 Honored Rationalizer of Ukraine.
  10. 2 Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.

Clinical Work at Ukraine Medical Stomatological Academy

Treatment and consultancy is carried out in 38 clinical departments of the Academy at 34 medical establishments of Poltava.
• Clinical capacity is 5527 beds and 430 dental chairs.
At the clinical sites, the 398 staff include:
• 63 Professors,
•189 Associate Professors,
•146 assistants.

Effectiveness of treatment is assured through the organized activity of numerous clinical centers:

Poltava regional antihypertensive centre;

  1. Practical training centre for modern technology in perinatal medicine;
  2. Training and practical centre for rehabilitation of cancer patients;
  3. Scientific-methodical centre for the implementation of innovations in public
    health practice;
  4. Laboratory for clinical rehabilitation;
  5.  Regional training centre for neonatal resuscitation;
  6.  Training diagnostic medical pulmonology centre;
  7.  Regional scientific and practical centre for diseases of the oral mucosa;
  8.  Training and advisory diabetes centre;
  9.  Scientific-methodical laboratory for training dentists;
  10.  Educational and scientific-practical centre for interventional radiology


The Ukraine Medical Stomatological Academy is renowned for its research activities in Ukraine and abroad

  1. UMSA conducts training in clinical internship and residency, PhD courses and doctoral studies.
  2. The Academy also has a strong scientific division – the Research Institute for Genetics and Immunological Foundations of Pathology and Pharmacogenetics – whose staff scientists are constantly engaged in research and innovation projects.
  3.  There are currently 63 initiative research projects in progress at the Academy.

The Ukraine Medical Stomatological Academy consistently wins the state funding from the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for research projects

➢“Comprehensive studies of pathogenetic role of M1 and M2 subpopulations of macrophages in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for elaboration and substantiation of personalized therapy with regard to body weight” (Principal Investigator: Prof. I.P. Kaidashev)
➢ “Development of methods for treatment of inflammatory maxillofacial pathology aimed at polarization of macrophages subpopulations” (Principal Investigator: Prof. I.P. Kaidashev)

International activity of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy champions the integration and development of medical knowledge

The Academy has primary objectives of fostering a global outlook and commitment to international expertise among students and staff, and creating an environment of intellectual, cultural and linguistic diversity.
The Academy has agreements on joint scientific, educational, training activities with the following higher educational and scientific institutions:

✓ Danube Private University (Krems, Austria);
✓ Medical University of Lublin (Lublin, Poland);
✓ Grodno State Medical University (Grodno, Belarus);
✓ Tbilisi State Medical University (Tbilisi, Georgia);
✓ Archil Khomasuridze Institute of Reproductology (Tbilisi, Georgia);
✓ Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery (Yerevan, Armenia);
✓ Tajik State Medical University (Dushanbe, Tajikistan).

Since 2013, the Academy is a member of the Consortium “Alliance Medical Universities (MEDEA)” in the framework of the “Erasmus Mundus” program

The programme provides for the academic mobility among the 20 European
medical universities.
After competitive selection, students from Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy study at the leading universities of Europe, including: University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France), Cardiff Metropolitan University (Wales, UK), Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece), Santiago de Compostela University (Spain).
Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy was one of the organizers of the 6th International Christian Conference for young medical professionals “Christ and Healthcare: Healing and Health”, which took place on October 16-18, 2015 in Poltava, with the participation of international organizations: PRIME (“Partnership in international medical education”), ICMDA (“International Christian medical and dental Association”), MEI (“International Organisation of medical education”), UMO (“Ukrainian medical mission”).

In 2015, The Academy entered into formal cooperation agreements with the abovementioned organizations, which provide consultation and support in the development of the Centre for Simulation Medicine at the Academy, organizing and conducting lectures and multidisciplinary
simulation trainings, cooperation in the establishment of modern educational and practical Centre for Perinatal Medicine and others.

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