KYIV Medical University

KYIV Medical University Invites You for Study!

Kyiv Medical University is one of the biggest Ukrainian private colleges and the just one with around 3200 students enrolled, 35% of which are foreign students from 56 nations. KMU has got IV (the highest) level of accreditation (permit of MES of Ukraine from 07.05.2019).

Intake of Indian students 2019

There are two intact during 2019. The first one, in winter, starts on 9th January till 1st March, the second – on 1st June and till 1st November. The University provides admission for such major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy either in Russian or English medium. In winter we admit on the General Medicine in English medium only.

A student has to submit the following documents to the University on the arrival:

1. Original (and Copy) School Certificate with the subjects and grades;
2. Medical Certificate issued by the Department of Health in the student’s Country at least two months prior to the student’s arrival to Ukraine;
3. Original (and Copy) of Birth Certificate;
4. Original of Invitation Letter;
5. Passport and one photo copy (front page and page with Ukrainian visa issued by Ukrainian Embassy);
6. 12 photos, size 3,5 x 4,5, matte.

By an entry, a student arrives at the International Department of the University where the procedure of registration begins. It studying concentrating by the stuff the records referenced above. Finishing by the candidate each student structures for the name of the Rector, including a draft of the agreement between the student and the University on instructive administration. In a similar time foreign citizen breezes through two composition tests – language (English or Russian) and science. When the entire procedure finishes effectively, the Order of confirmation comes and candidate turns into the bonafide student of the University.

Dormitory / Hostel of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

The hostel opened its entryways without precedent for the year 2000. That is the point at which it turned into a second home to the students of our university who came from all pieces of our nation and the world.

Hostel Information and Addresses.

Addresses: – 02019, Kyiv, 124 Horlivska St (can reach via minibus #45 or #45d from Kharkivska or Darnitsa station);
The dormitory is located 7 minutes of walking from the main campus (Kharkivs’ke Highway, 121);
5-storey building.

– 02121, Kyiv, 210 Kharkivske Highway (8 minutes of walking from Boryspilska station)

Main features

• Laundry
• Cafeteria
• Reading room (with free Wi-Fi)
• Auditorium
• Shower rooms
• 2 kitchens, 2 washrooms, 6 restrooms on every floor

1. We offer 2, 3, 4, and even 5-people rooms to our international students. Our lux-class double rooms feature personal shower rooms and restrooms.
2. Safety is maintained by the security company according to the thoughput and the internal routine rules of the dormitory.
3. Administrative and economic support Department, in the person of its director Igor Andreevych Sherba (, is responsible for the dormitory’s work
4.Student council is the self-governing body of the dormitory
5. There is a well-developed infrastructure near the dormitory: malls, hospital, pharmacy, gym, park, pond, temples, etc.


Kyiv Medical University endeavors to raise its level and become the best! On account of your help, we are effective! For instance, we took the eighth spot among 200 higher education institutions of Ukraine regarding admittees’ evaluating scores of 2018.
1.Admission of Ukrainian students based on Independent External Evaluation (performed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)—KMU is #8th among 200
2.Private higher education institutions ranking based on Scopus citation database dataRanked 5th among 13 private higher education institutions.
3.Consolidated rating of Ukrainian universities 2019.
4.Best higher education institutions of Kyiv Ranked 25th among 6 1 higher education institutions.
5.Top 10 private universities in Ukraine—KMU is #6Ranked 6th among 10.
6.Amount of admitted Ukrainian students for the 1st year of study among all private educational establishments—KMU is 11th among 126 universities.  Considering the peculiarities of medical education this rating does take into account all the categories of admitted graduate and postgraduate students.  Throughout 2018-2019 study year, KMU had admitted more than 600 students.  If it would considered then we will take 3rd position in this rating.
7.Two higher education medical institutions showed the highest average External Independent Evaluation score growth dynamic – “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy” public institution and “Kyiv Medical University” private institution, that increased the average score of their enrolling students by 21,13 and 14,95 respectively
8.During the enrollment campaign of 2018, Kyiv Medical University took 5th place among 10 best medical universities with best External Independent Evaluation average scores (contract)
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