European University Georgia

European University Invites You for Study!

European University is a fully student-oriented educational institution which provides grants for its students. It is focused on supporting intercultural dialogue. For this purpose, it establishes such an environment where each student feels as the plenipotentiary member of society despite ethnic, racial, religious or other distinguishing features.

European University was established on December 31, 2012, and is spoken to by 3 resources.

  1. Faculty of Business and Technology
  2. Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Medicine

Several Georgian and outside students learn at the European University at this stage and 17 certify education programs are actualized by more than 300 academic and more than 100 administrative personnel. Educational programs are being done in two instructive structures in Tbilisi.
The University is staffed by profoundly qualified scholarly faculty and researchers who have numerous long periods of logical and scholastic experience working in the main colleges and logical research organizations in Georgia, Europe and the USA.
The university is staffed by profoundly qualified scholarly faculty and researchers who have numerous long periods of scientific and academic experience working in the leading universities and scientific-research organizations in Georgia, Europe, and the USA.

The Faculty of Medicine of European University has just become famous on Georgian and International also and is perceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Also, European University is spoken to in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The faculty is likewise recognized by the Medical Council of India and the Council of Higher Education of Turkey. European University is an individual from Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

The faculty of law, helpful and sociologies help out the Council of Europe and the place of court in Miami (USA). Subsequently, an effective student of the staff has the chance to do their Internship in Strasburg and Miami. Four times each year at the staff, teachers welcomed from the US colleges read the exceptional courses of worldwide law in English.

The faculty of business and innovation works together with the Universities of Michigan, Illinois, and Chicago. Teachers from US colleges visit us all the time to give lectures. There is an organization at the personnel for examining financial and social issues of globalization. Additionally, the scientific-practical diary Globalization and Business is distributed.

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